Friday, February 10, 2012

Last Night In Nanjing

Since I returned from Taiwan I have not had much to do other than get my belongings ready for travel to Yunnan as well as visit some of the sites in Nanjing I have yet to see. One of these was the famous Purple Mountain. So on Monday my friends Maggie, Kevin, Walter, Kleaver and myself all went on a hike. Because Saturday and Sunday were so clear and beautiful we figured Monday morning would be a perfect day to go to the peak of the mountain and look over the city, but of course it started raining late Sunday night, so our view was pretty bleak. But the forest on the mountain side were still gorgeous.

I am currently sitting in a cafe awaiting my friend Brandon to gather his stuff and we will meet at a friends house before departing on our 40+ hours train ride to Kunming, Yunnan Province. We arrive there 9am Sunday morning and get to hang out for a day and a half before taking another 8 hour train to Lijiang.

Last night was our final dinner with friends. We had planned on going to our favorite Turkish restaurant, but we got there to find it was closed, and is usually Never closed!!! Oh well, we had Indian instead.
One thing that made my last night in Nanjing so wonderful is that it snowed. Might not sound that great to some folks, but I have never seen it snow in my life. I have seen snow on the ground but never ever have I seen it fall from the sky, and it was just magical!!!  As a kid i remember cutting out snow flakes from pieces of paper, but I never really appreciated that Each and Every snowflake is an actually 6 pointed star!!! It was Crazy!! I build wee snow men form the snow build up on the hoods and trunks of parked cars, I practices my Cricket pitch with snowballs!!! I was so happy.

That is all for now. My next post will be from Lijiang, Yunnan, China!!!
Take Care!!!

Base of Purple Mountain

From left is Walter, Kevin, Maggie, Kleaver

Cleaning out Buddha's ears

Standing in the snow outside of a closed Istanbul Cafe.

Eating dinner in an open Taj Mahal.

Eden, Brandon, Eleanor.

Bilal and Ali

Erin and Bilal

Other Ali and Shiraz

Me and crazy Baris from Turkey.

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