Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mexican Food in China

Mexican food in China is very hard to find, pretty much non-existant. If you do happen to find it, it is very expensive, or not even real Mexican food. One place called "Taco" is said to be Chinese Mexican Fusion Cuisine, which is just fried rice in a shell and called a taco. It is disappointing to say the least, especially when my Californian diet is nothing but Mexican food, and I have been stripped of that food staple for over eight months. It brings me much pain. BUT tonight my friends and I were determined to get our Mexican fix. It has taken a little while of searching, but we finally tracked down all the ingredients needed to make our own Mexican at home. HOORAY!!! Not only that, but at a foreign food import store where we got the refried beans and cheese (both items are very hard to find in China. Avocados are also very hard to come by in China, but we managed to find them) I also found a bottle of wine from Paso Robles, just an hour north of my hometown on the Central Coast of good ole' CA. The smile on my face will not be coming off any time soon. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photos of Nanjing

Greetings Everyone,
Happy New Year!!!

My semester at Nanjing University finally came to an end a little over three weeks ago. Final examinations included two weeks of writing essays and giving presentations about Geography, Media, and Life all in Chinese. I was very happy when it was all over. I spent my vacation back in Taibei, Taiwan hanging out with all my old class mates from the summer semester as well as the Taibei bike polo squad GloryC. I'll write more about Taiwan in a post later this week.  I spent the last few weeks before winter vacation taking lots of photos around town to give folks an idea of what the city is like. Here they are;

                                                            THE CITY
A view out of my back window. On the roof tops are
solar powered water heaters. Lots of cold showers
 on those days without sun.
Everyone makes home-made sausage in the winter. This is my neighbor's hanging out side my front door.

Nanjing City Wall (Ming Dynasty 1368a.d.) Bricks were
provided by citizens as a tax. Each brick had the name and
address of the person that donated it just incase the brick did not
meet the standards that person could be found and punished.

Nanjing City Wall
 Xuanhu Men. Eastern gate into Nnajing.

Xuanhu Lake, directly outside of the Eastern gate.
Bike Polo at Nanjing University.

Fruit shop behind Nanjing University.

Outside an old Hotel.

Metro  地铁

Shanghai street.

Small pavilion on Nanjing University Campus.

Big cauldron on Nanjing University campus.
Community bulletin board behind campus.

Each morning all over the city old men would line up
cage after cage of birds for sale.

My roommate Jude on the Right, then three
teachers Dong Laoshi, Zhang Laoshi, and
Jin Laoshi (Ivy). On Nanjing University campus.

Zhang Wenbo on the Left, he was student aid in the office.
My friend Brandon Yeh on the Right will be moving with
me to Yunnan in February.

Road side bike repaire shop. Next door is a road side plant shop.

Nathan, Zhang Wenbo, Me at the bowling alley.

Me, Darius, Viv, Vera, Amy. All of the students from
San Francisco State University studying at Nanjing University
this semester. This is at our Thanksgiving dinner.

Viv and Jude


ZIFENG TOWER. Zifeng Tower is the 7th tallest building in the World and the second tallest in mainland China. It was a great landmark while exploring the city.

Looking West out my back window.

Looking South over Xuanhu Lake.

Looking North from Nanjing University.

Looking West down my street.