Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Art

So apparently this little fellas name is Stuey, and he gets around. The picture on the left I see by my house each day coming home from school. But the one on the left I saw for the first time yesterday while on  huge bike ride. And the two Stueys are a good distance from one another. I hope to find some more in random parts of town.
This is so damn clever, and I just love it BECAUSE... “加油”(jiāyóu)Is a term heard nearly every day, and it means,  "Go For it!" or "Way To Go!" or "Good Luck!" It is often used when cheering on sports teams or people in general. But its literal use and meaning is used when talking about cars because “加” means “to add" and ”油“ means "oil"
Ah Tin-man, you're debilitatingly rusted body is cause for laughter even in Chinese.
A family of flower pot people out side of an elementary school.

Das ist nicht Meister Yoda!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dinner At 月牙泉(Crescent Moon Spring)

I went on another one of my walking tours in which I walk in no particular direction for a while looking at all the interesting things I can see just trying to get lost, then finding my way back by talking to the locals to find my way back home. It's a great way to meet new people. While I was in the neighborhoods behind the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall I walked past this small hole in the wall looked looked good. Ends up it was great, and the folks that worked there were amazing people too! 
I got this delicious chicken soup with thin noodles and hot peppers, basil, tofu, and a bunch of other things I couldn't identify. As well as cold green tea. About the time I finished my meal the owners friend had walked in with branches of fresh Lychee which she just started handing out to all the patrons (me and one other girl) and it was the perfect desert. 
I started a conversation with the three ladies, and went through the usually topics of who I was and why I was in Taipei. Then they started making fun of me for studying Geography, because I won't ever make any money, ergo, never find a wife. But even if I did make money with Geography, no Taiwanese girl would ever marry me because I had a beard. They didn't believe me that I was 27. They guessed I was about 35. A beard adds a lot of age in a beardless country like Taiwan.