Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Note On Beer-Can Shrubbery

They can be somewhat top heavy. They tend to get blown off the ledge by the wind, breaking limbs and spilling soil. I need to attach a wider base to them, or find a way to brace them so they don't keep falling. 
Poor little fellas... They don't stand a chance against a Typhoon.
Damn Typhoons.
Here is the Taiwan flag with the Oakland Oak Tree. Why? Because I love and miss Oakland, and I'm in Taiwan, thats why.
Today Taipei Bike Polo was supposed to head south a few hours to the city of Taizhong, but a big ole typhoon came along and washed our plans clean out. We were still unclear up until this morning when the Taipei capt. gave Taizhong a call to see if'n it was raining or not... it was. So now what am I to do all day. It's pouring ass rain here in Taipei too. I was at a club last night call Club Wax, its $600NT for fellas, about $20US, then its all you can drink for the rest of the night, which is nice. I not really used to going to these kind of clubs, seeing as I never go to them in the States, but in Taipei there aren't any Eli's Mile High kind of bars, so if'n I want to hang out and drink, the club it is. The music pretty much sucks, but I guess you don't have to like the music to be able to shake yo booty to it. And seeing as I never go dancing in clubs till now I have realized that dancing and sweating for hours allows to drink A Lot of Booze before getting tired. So maybe it is for the best I don't go play a bike polo tournament today, I got home pretty late this morning, and I'm tired now.

W.O.B. Life: Macaframa in the News from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

W.O.B. Life:
Macaframa in the News from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.
: "Macaframa in the News from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo ."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trees and Green Walls

Trees like this are Everywhere in Taipei! They engulf what ever they are growing on. This is not the best example, but of many of these tree it can be hard to tell which limb is a low brach growing upward and which is a root growing downward. I have seen a branch starting from just above the soil that then wrapped around the whole tree like a vine, then grew back Into the truck of the tree. Very interesting. This picture was taken on campus.
Another example of that wild tree.
綠牆 "Green Wall" Very popular kind of horticulture/art seen all around Taipei. This Green Wall is on the outer wall of campus.

Bicycles and Bike Polo

This is the bike my good friend James lent me to use for bike polo and to get around the city. It is very nice, but the heavy winds in Taipei make the disc covers a bit of a pain in the ass when I'm not playing polo. In this picture its locked up outside of campus.
An awesome bike I saw while walking around in Ronponggi district, Tokyo at 3am. The down tube has crazy zig-zags, and I feel the world needs more that.

At our friends bike shop before polo I test rode the craziest bike contraption ever! Look at the size of the wheels! There are two chain rings!!!

My first night of polo in Taipei. You can see the awesome polo court in the back round. But we play on astro-turf, which is kind of weird.
The polo court is shared by other interests groups. There are usually people playing with dogs. In this picture people are dancing, but we just start playing while they are still there and eventually they will leave, and everyone wins, and nobody gets upset. Its a very different mind set here.
Taiwanese polo players.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walking around town after class 6/23/11

Today after class I went a walk to a music shop a few blocks behind campus looking to buy an old guitar. I didn't buy a guitar, but I did find this awesome park that I had often seen from campus, but was never sure how to get there. As luck would have on the way back from the shop I walked right past the entrance, so I went in for a stroll.

I  saw a lot of tile and concrete and bricks through out the park, like they used a bunch of old building materials as back fill while they were creating the park. Anyway, behind the bathroom down a small hill I found this half of a tomb stone with a faded inscription and a dragon sculpture on it, pretty cool.

Here is a three shot series of the city from the top of a hill in the park.

1.) North Westish


3.) North Eastish

I really liked the mud flap on this scooter of a Beautiful young woman standing in front of a lake.

I also walked past a police station which happened to home to a fleet of police scooters. Scooters are unbelievably common here, believe me. Most of the police patrol on scooters.
Broken glass placed into wet cement on the top of your wall is a simple yet effective means to keep folks outta your yard.