Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walking around town after class 6/23/11

Today after class I went a walk to a music shop a few blocks behind campus looking to buy an old guitar. I didn't buy a guitar, but I did find this awesome park that I had often seen from campus, but was never sure how to get there. As luck would have on the way back from the shop I walked right past the entrance, so I went in for a stroll.

I  saw a lot of tile and concrete and bricks through out the park, like they used a bunch of old building materials as back fill while they were creating the park. Anyway, behind the bathroom down a small hill I found this half of a tomb stone with a faded inscription and a dragon sculpture on it, pretty cool.

Here is a three shot series of the city from the top of a hill in the park.

1.) North Westish


3.) North Eastish

I really liked the mud flap on this scooter of a Beautiful young woman standing in front of a lake.

I also walked past a police station which happened to home to a fleet of police scooters. Scooters are unbelievably common here, believe me. Most of the police patrol on scooters.
Broken glass placed into wet cement on the top of your wall is a simple yet effective means to keep folks outta your yard.

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