Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here is the Taiwan flag with the Oakland Oak Tree. Why? Because I love and miss Oakland, and I'm in Taiwan, thats why.
Today Taipei Bike Polo was supposed to head south a few hours to the city of Taizhong, but a big ole typhoon came along and washed our plans clean out. We were still unclear up until this morning when the Taipei capt. gave Taizhong a call to see if'n it was raining or not... it was. So now what am I to do all day. It's pouring ass rain here in Taipei too. I was at a club last night call Club Wax, its $600NT for fellas, about $20US, then its all you can drink for the rest of the night, which is nice. I not really used to going to these kind of clubs, seeing as I never go to them in the States, but in Taipei there aren't any Eli's Mile High kind of bars, so if'n I want to hang out and drink, the club it is. The music pretty much sucks, but I guess you don't have to like the music to be able to shake yo booty to it. And seeing as I never go dancing in clubs till now I have realized that dancing and sweating for hours allows to drink A Lot of Booze before getting tired. So maybe it is for the best I don't go play a bike polo tournament today, I got home pretty late this morning, and I'm tired now.

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