Friday, June 24, 2011

Bicycles and Bike Polo

This is the bike my good friend James lent me to use for bike polo and to get around the city. It is very nice, but the heavy winds in Taipei make the disc covers a bit of a pain in the ass when I'm not playing polo. In this picture its locked up outside of campus.
An awesome bike I saw while walking around in Ronponggi district, Tokyo at 3am. The down tube has crazy zig-zags, and I feel the world needs more that.

At our friends bike shop before polo I test rode the craziest bike contraption ever! Look at the size of the wheels! There are two chain rings!!!

My first night of polo in Taipei. You can see the awesome polo court in the back round. But we play on astro-turf, which is kind of weird.
The polo court is shared by other interests groups. There are usually people playing with dogs. In this picture people are dancing, but we just start playing while they are still there and eventually they will leave, and everyone wins, and nobody gets upset. Its a very different mind set here.
Taiwanese polo players.

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