Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Visit To Taizhong

Yesterday I didn't post because I was in Taizhong 台中 all day. Taizhong is about two hours south of Taipei on the west side of the island. Friends and myself went down for a Bike Polo Tournament which was a great time. Everyone in Taizhong is really nice. After the tournament we went to the local night market and I had some of the greatest food I've had in Taiwan. FIRST, 小腸包大腸 Xiǎocháng bāo dàcháng It is a sausage inside of a "rice sausage" (rice stuffed into the casing of any other kind of sausage) with a bunch a peppers and veggies on top. Delicious! SECOND, 芋頭冰 Yùtou bīng was for dessert. This is a bowl of sweet shaved ice, with red beans on top, with chunks of Taro on top of that. It doesn't sound like beans and tubers would make for the best dessert making, but they are both really sweet, and they were frozen, so on a hot day like yesterday, even a frozen carrot would be a treat.


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