Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bottle-Rockets Over The Mighty Danshui River

This time last year I was living in Qingdao, PRC. At that time, in that setting, I wasn't expecting to have much of a 4th of July, which was sad because it was and still is my favorite holiday (as a kid i fell in love the the boom of fireworks exploding overhead) But the American Independence Day celebration I had on the beaches of China was one of the funnest I've had. But unfortunately this year wasn't the same. The holiday was on a monday, obviously the Taiwan government ain't giving any vacation time in honor of the day. So after classes, after finishing all the homework that was due the next day I walked over to the corner store and bought an assorted hand full of fireworks, a beer, then headed to the river bank behind my house. Using my bicycle u-lock as a launch platform, I set the bottle-rockets soaring over the waters of the river Danshui 淡水河, hummed the national anthem a few times, and toasted to my homeland.

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