Thursday, May 10, 2012

Going to the Farmers Market

Going to the farmers market is the best way to view the local culture and customs anywhere in the world. Each Thursday Brandon and myself go to our local market to buy our fruit, veggies and what ever else we might need, and we get a good look at the local Naxi ethnic minority. You can pretty much get what ever you might need while living on a farm. Tools to pesticides, meats to treats, shoes to hats. And something that Brandon and I noticed this morning at the market is that after three months the locals are starting to recognize us! Not that they didn't recognize us after our very first visit, we quite obviously stand out from everyone else, But people are saying hello to us and being friendly. Some of these folks are the ones whose fields we were working in planting corn a few weeks back.


Meat Market.
Doesn't that pig head look yummy?

Heres where ye buy yer brooms and baskets.
Cookies and sweet breads.

...Not to mention random horns from assorted animals.
Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Those are herbs and roots and fungi...

Tools of all sorts. Household needs.
Water jugs, hooks and hangers....

Ducks, chickens, pigs.
Traditional Naxi clothing. Aprons, shawls,
the while thing in the center is a sort
of cape most women wear.



Blue aprons, blue hats and blue anything is the signature style for the Naxi people. I fit right in with my blue sweatshirt.

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