Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starting Classes

Greetings Everybody!!!

Like usual I have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. Mainly because most our of courses have begun, and trust me, our schedule is full.

Two weeks ago our Chinese classes had already started. Each class is two hours long. Monday and Friday I have advanced writing, and on Wednesday I have two sessions on the study of Chinese Media, the first session focusing on the history of Media in China, and the second session on modern interpretations of Chinese media within China and abroad. Also, Tuesday nights we have a course to prepare students for the HSK exam (its the SAT equivalent for Chinese Language) And once I find a roommate, which will hopefully be soon, he and I will have to complete 5 hours of one on one tutoring each week.

Apart from the Chinese courses, each student has direct enrollment classes for their major. So far I have sat in on three university classes, 'Permi-Glacial Landforms' I prob won't take that one again, it was taught in English and too advanced for the credits to transfer back to SF State, The other two are 'Geomorphology' 地貌学 and 'Remote Sensing' 遥感地学。 These two classes are taught in Chinese, and I am the only foreigner in either class. It will be very difficult, but both instructors luckily relay on Power-Point Presentations to give lectures and so I can get a copy of the lesson after each class and review it at my own pace so I don;t miss out on important details.

That's school so far.

 I must admit, although Nanjing is a great city, I think most of my sense of wondering and culture shock was spent while in Taiwan. Nanjing seems like 'just another city.' I feel also because I am here for a much longing time, I'll have more opportunities to explore, but I feel a lot more grounded, and so more intent on studying then going out. I suppose in stead of guessing how I will spend my time here, I should let it play out and then reflect on it after the fact... Then I can tell you lovely people all about it.

Hope all is well. If anyone is doing any traveling remember to make pit stop in Nanjing and say hello.

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