Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today's Adventure.....

First off, I am finding out that more and more folks are actually reading this blog, that makes me happy. I have no way of know unless you happen to be a follower. Anyway feel free to leave a comment and say hello so I know you're reading as well. Thanx!!!

I wont tell you about.... Well not the details anyway, just incase my plan goes terribly wrong I won't have to come back and tell y'all "Well.. it didn't go quite as I expected..." NO! I will leave everyone in the dark, And So when I return, accomplished or not, I can tell y'all that everything went exactly as I planned. BUT I will say my adventure has to do with a long bike ride to another city.
Wish Me Luck!!!



  1. Please tell me that person is not playing polo on that wheel...

  2. I'm reading... It's in my RSS feed. I'm a SFSU geographer and my dog was shipped from SF from Taiwan. He's a sweetheart: